Our Services

  • Academic Proofreading
  • Thesis Proofreading
  • Essay Proofreading
  • And More!!!

We Check

  • Lexis and Vocabulary
  • Academic Tone and Style
  • Sentence Structure and Syntax
  • Redundancy and Wordiness
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Formatting and Referencing Consistency
  • Special Requests (APA, MLA)

Our Advantages

  • Guaranteed Confidentiality
  • On Time Delivery
  • Highly Affordable Services
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

How to Proofread

  • Remove Irrelevant Information
  • Add Omitted Information
  • Check Coherence and Diction
  • Check Grammar and Spelling

Terms and Conditions

1. Recognition

The customer is acknowledged written materials of Dissertation Proofreading Service are marketed. They also can be objects for giving an example for prototype research, writing and formatting of the ideas.

The company guarantees never to re-sell, re-edit, or re-allocate any material supplied to our customers. Further, the Dissertation Proofreading Service will never put any essay on any database on purpose.

The customer shouldn’t violate the copyright of any typed material provided by the service.

2. Violation Policy

The customer can cancel the trading of material, if it relates to violation of any of the terms and conditions pointed in this document.

Our customer admits that using the services bases on his or her free will. Again, the client knows company has no obligation for decisions to order our products.

Our customer is 100% acknowledged any statement made by the service, is not advice to the customer. Still, the statements and points are 'opinions'.

3. The Company’s Goal and Alterations’ Fees

Our customer comprehends that views we may use are not supported by the company itself.

Our service wants to provide people with written material equal to Upper 1st (75 %+), 1st Class, 2:1 or 2:2 standard (as agreed before processing the payment). The customer may double-check a written material for own satisfaction that the work is of the same standard they asked and paid for. In any case customer says the work is below the standard we encourage to demand the work altering. You can do it within 10 days free of charge, so the paper will match the specific conditions.

Our customer is aware that alterations may be valid if to ask for them within 10 days mentioned above of receipt of their written material. Note that any alterations requested after the 10 days will not be processed without additional payment and may be refused as well. The customer agrees that alterations requests not included in the original order will not be done for free.

Following acceptance of the product, we may refuse the low-standard job if the copy editor can’t complete it to a high standard without saving the proper format. The example can be any situation in which the editors claim a paper is impossible to be finished successfully. If a proofreading expert decided to refuse a job, we’ll contact you immediately through email. Make sure we’ll reimburse the payment without the associated costs.

4. Subject of Law

The judicial relationships to which the Dissertation Proofreading Service is involved are the object to consider only to the American Constitution. It works when someone else is involved in the legal relationship lives abroad or partly.

We apply antivirus software to ensure any files from the service are free of computer viruses. We still make no assurance or guarantee that these files don’t include virus inside.

We recommend our recipients to double-check the emails, supplements, and other files before opening them, and all risk of virus corruption is still the main responsibility of the customer.